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Shawn Rhoden Passes away at the period of 46

The bodybuilding community paid tribute come the 2018 Mr. Olympia.

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Healthy Eating

28-Days-to-Lean enjoy the meal Plan

With the ideal plan and also the appropriate discipline, friend can obtain seriously shredded in simply 28 days.

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The 50 ideal Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Follow this fit women we're crushing on because that inspiration, workout ideas, and also motivation.

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Texas High institution Kid Benches 700 Pounds

Matt Poursoltani breaks his own state document with this incredible feat that strength.


Maryana Naumova, the 13-year-old powerlifting phenomenon who have the right to bench a chuck 240 pounds, isn’t the just teenage lifter capturing the public’s attention. Pilot point High School senior Matt Poursoltani is one more young weightlifting prodigy that is shocking civilization with his significant strength.

He currently had a lot to celebrate when he set a an individual best bench press of 670 pounds at a regional meet in Ponder, Texas. But he take it on an even heavier (literally) achievement at the State Finals, wherein he and also his team were aiming to top the 700-pound obstacle at the Texas High college Powerlifting Association fulfill in Abilene.

“I call Matt the freak show—what that does is spectacular, much better than anyone else in the country. People’s jaws simply drop when they watch him,” says his coach in this behind-the-scenes maintain video.

Poursoltani is a 5’10”, 270-pound soccer player who made decision to concentrate on lifting after enduring a knee injury. “When ns tore mine ACL, ns didn’t have anything else to do, so ns benched every day. I had to perform something; the all i had,” he stated according come Reporter News.

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Poursoltani hosted the Texas state document from last year through a 570-pound lift, but that to be child’s play compared to what he achieved at this year’s meet. He went, saw and also conquered all prior to him, hitting his target the 700 pounds and setting a new state record in the process. Though the 18-year-old’s training and nutrition regimen—detailed right here in this Dallas News profile—are not precisely conventional, evaluate from this video clip of the 700-pound press, they work-related for him.